January 17, 2020
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    Tourism 6: Arrested in Equatorial Guinea

    The Political Climate in Equatorial Guinea The Political climate in the Equatorial Guinea has been a bit tense for some years now. The country is ruled by the longest serving president or dictator as some ...
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    Tourism 6: Traveling Cameroonian Roads

    Yaoundé to Ebolowa Travelling from Yaoundé to Ebolowa (pronounced Ebolova) costs almost 3000 CFA ($6 USD) for a 2-hour journey. The price could be cheaper if I had decided to take a bigger bus. There ...
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    Tourism 6: How to Travel in the Ocean

    Have Enough Cash Before Arriving Oron From my experience traveling, it is very important to always travel with enough cash when traveling to some destinations – especially to some not very developed countries. While it ...
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    Tourism 6: Preparations

    Preparations – Visas 2019 was a year I thought I could have travelled from Lagos to Cape Town by land. I did everything to convince myself this was possible but I knew quite well that ...
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    Tour Nigeria Series 1: The Jaja of Opobo

    The next morning, I joined David at the Yenogoa Central park from where we continued the journey to Opobo in Rivers State. The single reason for this visit is not even to see Jaja’s ancient ...
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    Tour Nigeria Series 1: Oloibiri Oil Wells

    Arriving Yenogoa, Bayelsa State Today is Christmas. I had travelled all night from Ondo State to arrive Yenogoa in Bayelsa State that morning. I had two goals in mind for this visit. First, was to ...
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    Tour Nigeria Series 1: Idanre Hills

    Leaving Lagos to Akure I had always wanted to visit Idanre Hills in Ondo State, South West Nigeria. The desire to visit this site was very much inspired by my good friend at the school ...
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    Tourism 5: Visiting the Equator and the Myths

    Leaving Jinja Our vehicle left Jinja to Kampala something around two o’clock that afternoon and arrived around some minutes past four after a two-hour drive. Unlike Jinja, Kampala was more lively and bubbling with activities. ...
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    Tourism 5: Sailing The Nile & Her Conflicts

    Initial Visit to the Nile Source Around four o’clock that evening, I left my room to see Jinja town and what the locals looked like. Fortunately, a staff of the hotel, Chris was available to ...

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