June 20, 2024
  • Enroute to Bakassi Peninsula

    Back from Bakassi

    A concise history of the Bakassi Peninsula and series of events that lead to its ceding to Cameroon

  • Windhoek, Namibia

    Tourism 8: Namibia’s Drought

    Ernest and myself completed the immigration formalities at the Buitepos border in a very short time and then crossed into Namibia. Thanks to the fact we arrived there very late in the evening and the ...
  • At the Gaborone Bus Rank

    Tourism 8: Botswana: How To Get Here.

    I started making plans to visit Namibia over a year ago. I was super impressed when I learnt that a branch office of the Namibian Airlines located in Ikeja here in Lagos could help me ...
  • At the banks of the River Congo, Congo Brazzaville.

    Tourism 6: Congo Ends The Trip

    Ponta Negra/Pointe Noire Our flight time to Pointe-Noire from Libreville was around one hour twenty minutes. The Republic of Congo would be the last country on the trip and in as much as I was ...
  • Adventure

    Tourism 6: Live in Libreville

    We took off from Douala at around six o’clock to Libreville. During the flight, my mind was preoccupied by the several experiences that I had gone through for the past few days. I had been ...
  • Adventure

    Tourism 6: Bitter Bitam

    My departure from Equatorial Guinea that morning was like escaping hell. It felt like coming back to life. The first thing I could think of doing was to rain curses on the government and the ...
  • My friends in Equatorial Guinea

    Tourism 6: Freedom is Sweet

    The entire weekend was spent in police custody. It was now early Monday morning and I was eagerly waiting for the arrival of the police chief whom I was told was the only one I ...
  • Adventure

    Tourism 6: Arrested in Equatorial Guinea

    The Political Climate in Equatorial Guinea The Political climate in the Equatorial Guinea has been a bit tense for some years now. The country is ruled by the longest serving president or dictator as some ...




Traveler Vs. Tourist – Which One Are You?

We all dream of spending our days traveling around the world and seeing some of the best sights out there. While some of us are happy to spend our times sitting on the beach sipping those margaritas, others like to dirt it up and get our hands messy while we immerse ourselves in new cultures


Badagry Slave Trade Visit

On that Friday evening, I had two other cities in mind to visit. The cities were Badagry – to see the Slave Trade Museums and Abeokuta, to see the Olumo Rock. Coming to a decision


Boarding Planes with Phones On

Over the years, people have gotten used to the fact that phones and electronic devices must be turned off while in the aircraft. There may be several sides to this. Some believe that it is


Frequently Used Terms on Board

This list was compiled initially by Patrick Smith, who is an author, aviation blogger, and commercial airline pilot. He compiled a list of commonly misunderstood airline terms for his site, AskThePilot. For most of us, flying

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