September 18, 2020
  • Windhoek, Namibia

    Tourism 8: Namibia’s Drought

    Ernest and myself completed the immigration formalities at the Buitepos border in a very short time and then crossed into Namibia. Thanks to the fact we arrived there very late in the evening and the ...
  • At the Gaborone Bus Rank

    Tourism 8: Botswana: How To Get Here.

    I started making plans to visit Namibia over a year ago. I was super impressed when I learnt that a branch office of the Namibian Airlines located in Ikeja here in Lagos could help me ...
  • At the banks of the River Congo, Congo Brazzaville.

    Tourism 6: Congo Ends The Trip

    Ponta Negra/Pointe Noire Our flight time to Pointe-Noire from Libreville was around one hour twenty minutes. The Republic of Congo would be the last country on the trip and in as much as I was ...
  • Adventure

    Tourism 6: Live in Libreville

    We took off from Douala at around six o’clock to Libreville. During the flight, my mind was preoccupied by the several experiences that I had gone through for the past few days. I had been ...
  • Adventure

    Tourism 6: Bitter Bitam

    My departure from Equatorial Guinea that morning was like escaping hell. It felt like coming back to life. The first thing I could think of doing was to rain curses on the government and the ...
  • My friends in Equatorial Guinea

    Tourism 6: Freedom is Sweet

    The entire weekend was spent in police custody. It was now early Monday morning and I was eagerly waiting for the arrival of the police chief whom I was told was the only one I ...
  • Adventure

    Tourism 6: Arrested in Equatorial Guinea

    The Political Climate in Equatorial Guinea The Political climate in the Equatorial Guinea has been a bit tense for some years now. The country is ruled by the longest serving president or dictator as some ...
  • Adventure

    Tourism 6: Traveling Cameroonian Roads

    Yaoundé to Ebolowa Travelling from Yaoundé to Ebolowa (pronounced Ebolova) costs almost 3000 CFA ($6 USD) for a 2-hour journey. The price could be cheaper if I had decided to take a bigger bus. There ...