Congos Sign Deal to Build $550 Million Bridge Linking Countries

The Congo River Source:

Congo and the DRC signed an agreement on Wednesday to build a bridge between Kinshasa and Brazzaville. The two capitals closest to the world in the process of becoming two “Siamese” metropolis that humanity has ever known.

The agreement was signed by officials from both countries on the sidelines of an investment forum hosted by the African Development Bank this Wednesday in Johannesburg, South Africa. As announced by Bloomberg.

In a joint statement read to the press, both Congo say the project will cost about 3.15 billion CFA francs ($ 550 million). The structure, which will measure nearly 1575 meters, will be a toll bridge consisting of a railway, a road and a sidewalk.

So far, no precise information on the origin of the funds, while despite good prospects, the two countries are facing a severe economic crisis due to the collapse of commodity prices.

Kinshasa and Brazzaville are separated by the Congo River and travel between the two cities is currently only possible by boat or plane.

This project already shows many economic spinoffs. “The project will allow the two countries to develop special economic zones on both sides of the bridge,” for example, said Jean-Jacques Bouya, Congolese Minister (Brazzaville) of the Planning, Equipment Territory and Big works.

Not to mention the cultural exchanges. National languages, dialects, traditions, traditions and customs, history, anthropology.

On the cultural side, the two countries have almost everything or almost everything in common. “Kinshasa-Brazza ezali mboka moko. Kaka ébalé ekabola biso “(Kinshasa and Brazzaville constitute a single city, only the river (Congo) separates us), sang in 1987, the Zairean musician Adrien Mombele Ngantshie said Strevos Niarcos.

From the bottom of his shroud, the one who was called “Pope of the undermining” must congratulate himself that things are beginning to be clarified as to the materialization of his dream.

The dream of seeing the two capitals closest to the world come closer to cement their unity on the thread of the waters of the majestic and powerful river Congo.

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