Drunk Birds

Have you seen or heard of drunk birds before? Wait until you visit Gilbert Minnesota. Birds in northern Minnesota are flying into windows and cars after getting DRUNK on berries that fermented earlier than usual due to frost.

According to Gilbert Police Chief, Ty Techar, the bird are in confused state, as a result of eating berries that have fermented earlier than usual due to an early frost. “Younger birds’ livers cannot handle the toxins as efficiently as more mature birds”, he stated.

Mr Ty said that the ‘The Gilbert Police department has received several reports of birds that appear to be ‘under the influence’ flying into windows, cars and acting confused. He therefore explained that there is no need to call law enforcement about these birds as they should sober up within a short period of time.

Some of the birds includes; Robins, cedar waxwings and a few other birds.


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