Ethiopia To Abolish Visa For Africans

Thinking of where to travel to without a visa, think no more Rwanda is there for & more so, Ethiopia is underway to scrapping visas for Africans. This could be attributed to the African Union’s promise of easy travel for Africans throughout the continent as its supposed to scrap visa requirements for all African citizens by 2018.

However, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed stated that plans are on the way to allow all Africans to visit without visas.

Abiy Ahmed made this known during a state banquet hosted by Prime Minister Abiy for Rwandan President Paul Kagame who is in Ethiopia on a three-day official visit. The two leaders held bilateral talks at the National Palace in Addis Ababa, and made a commitment to strengthen relationships in key sectors, which include defence, and air services.

Ahmed revealed that the country will “very soon” follow Rwanda’s example allowing all Africans to travel to the country without visas. The policy will open up the east African country to African visitors, and it will undoubtedly ease the free movement of African nationals and boost tourism.


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