Mozambique: Maputo Needs €190 Million to Develop Tourism


The Mozambican Ministry of Culture and Tourism estimates it will cost 190 million Euros to transform the Maputo central business district into a tourist hub and sell the capital of the country as a stop for cruise ships.

Mozambique’s ministry of culture and tourism estimates it needs around €190 million to transform downtown Maputo into a tourist spot and a destination for cruise ships.

Mozambique’s national director for tourism, Fátima Romero, cited by daily newspaper O País, said the funds would be raised through partnerships with the state and the private sector and would be used for the construction and rehabilitation of important infrastructure to maximise Maputo’s tourist potential.

“A working group has been created integrating the private sector and all those involved in the development of tourism in Maputo’s ‘Baixa’,” she said.

Romero added that activities to modernise infrastructure were already underway.

João Matsombe, a councillor for economic activities in the municipality of Maputo, said that the capital’s government has already made available one million dollars (EUR 864,000) as a sign of its commitment to making Maputo a tourist destination.

“Much of the amount will be provided by the private sector,” Matsombe said.

Source: (Club of Mozambique)

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