Novembro 13, 2019
  • Adventure

    Tourism 5: Swahili, The Costal Language

    Leaving Nairobi I left my Airbnb apartment in Nyanyo Estate, Embakassi East, Nairobi, which was only 15 minutes to the airport. Fortunately for me, I was able to arrive the airport on time as those ...
  • Presenations at KLab, Kigali

    Tourism 5: Tech Event at Kigali

    Mike arrived Kigali around one o’clock that next morning for the event. He went straight to his hotel to get some rest and freshen up for the event later that day. Funny enough, around a ...
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    Tourism 5: Learning Kinyarwanda

    It’s been more than two years or so I last heard a rooster crow! Lagos where I live is such a city bubbling with life that even if any in the metropolis dared to crow, ...
  • Adventure

    Tourism 5: Getting to Kigali via Nairobi

    Lagos My mentor Michael Noel had informed me of a proposed trip to Kigali and Nairobi to speak at a technology conference. He encouraged me to attend the event make a presentation as well, an ...
  • Adventure

    Tourism 4 – Days 17 & 18: Johannesburg

    I woke up early and hungry. Could still feel some pains on my body from the previous day’s stress traveling all the way from Beira to Johannesburg. To add to my frustration, the sim card ...
  • Adventure

    Tourism 4 – Day 16: African Hospitals

    Today is my last day in Beira, Mozambique. My friends and I had planned a visit to a friend of ours Charles, then to the hospital, after which we proceed to the airport for my ...
  • Adventure

    Tourism 4 – Day 15: Beira City

    I felt a cold sensation and tiredness all over my entire being. I was lost in the thoughts of the series of ordeals and events that I had to experience for the past few days ...
  • Adventure

    Tourism 4 – Day 14: Arriving Beira

    Very early the next morning, I got up for an early morning bath in the shared untidy bathroom. Let me not bore you with the state of affairs in the toilet and bathroom, after all, ...
  • Adventure

    Tourism 4 – Day 13: Last King of Gaza

    We arrived Maputo at around two o’clock the next morning. I was stressed and wornout from the previous day’s activity. It was some relief to have arrived Maputo finally but at the same time, I ...

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Tourism 4 – Day 5: Bienvenue à Ngaoundéré

One other thing of concern when traveling the Cameroonian roads is the police and their love for checking vaccination cards/documentation (Yellow Cards) for foreigners. Elsewhere, this is to be done by a well trained medical personnel. They routinely checked the identities of the locals who are travelling as well.