Richard Branson Is ‘Weeks’ Away From Sending Virgin Galactic Into Space

Virgin Galactic is expecting to send its first rocket to space “within weeks,” CEO Richard Branson said on Tuesday.

“We should be in space within weeks, not months. And then we will be in space with myself in months and not years,” Branson told CNBC. “We will be in space with people not too long after that so we have got a very, very exciting couple of months ahead.”

Branson’s estimation puts the Virgin Galactic project not far behind its initial deadline. Last year,Branson announced that he wanted hes’s company in space, operating commercial flights, by the end of 2018. The original expected launch date was April 2018.

Over the past few months, Branson has been busy undergoing a regimen of astronaut fitness and centrifuge training. His training includes extensive tennis and cycling.

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